Baphomet - "Baphomet's Grasp" Goblet

Baphomet's Grasp Horror Hand Goblet Glass, 18cmThis aged Baphomet hand goblet is emblazoned with eer..


Baphomet - "Baphomet's Horns" Figurine

Baphomet's Horns Horror Hand Figurine, 17.5cmThis aged Baphomet hand is emblazoned with eerie motifs..


Baphomet - "Celestial" Bust

Celestial Black and Silver Baphomet Bust, 33cmFeaturing detailed Sun, Moon, Serpent and Pentagram mo..


Baphomet - "Hold Of Baphomet" Plaque

Hold of Baphomet Hand Free Standing Plaque, 24.5cmBeautiful Baphomet hand plaque.Cast in the finest ..


Baphomet - "Occult Baphomet Head" Oil Burner

Occult Baphomet Head Oil Burner, 13.5cmBeautifully crafted Baphomet Design.Cast in the finest resin...


Baphomet - "Sabbatic Goat" Throw

Baphomet Triple Horn Sabbatic Goat Throw Blanket, 160cmExclusive in-house Baphomet design.A must hav..


Baphomet - "The Dark Lord"

Beautifully crafted White Baphomet figurine.Created by Nemesis Now's in- house design team.Cast in t..


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